We're doing a lot to make sure you stay safe whilst in our care:

✅ Please bring your face mask. You will still need to wear it on the lower deck of the open top double deck bus and in our day-tour coaches.
✅ Our buses are open top, so there is lots of fresh air to keep those horrible germs away
✅ Buses are fully sanitised every night PLUS wiped down during the day
✅ We have provided all our staff with masks and will ensure that these will be worn at work and on their way to work.
✅ All staff have sanitiser at their disposal
✅ We make use of contactless Credit card machines and all credit card terminals are wiped with sanitiser after every use
✅ We provide sanitiser in our stores, on our buses and on our boats for all our guests to use
✅ Our Stores are sanitised at intervals all day long and deep cleaned every night
✅ We communicate with our team to ensure that if employees are sick or have symptoms associated with Covid-19, they must not come to work
✅ We provide our team with ongoing training and guidance on personal hygiene and preventative measures in our stores, buses or boats
✅ As per the Government Gazette 45297, 11 October 2021, we are permitted 100% capacity on all buses.

Come and join us for a fun day out. We will look after your and our safety and look forward to offering you a safe day out
Together we WILL make a difference.

Need to know where you can get a Covid test: CLICK HERE

Best regards

Your City Sightseeing Safety officer