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Thank you so much to  Genevieve, Brenda & Tremaine for sharing their experience with us.

Dear City Sightseeing

Firstly thank you to your team for a remarkable experience. My sister and bestie surprised me with a well-thought of gift for my birthday and needless to say it was executed perfectly. My sister raved about it previously as she had experienced it through South African Tourism and I can see why.

Image:  Genevieve, Brenda & Tremaine

As locals (born and bred in Gauteng) we shocked ourselves that we’ve never experienced this before; we obviously know the history of our city (and country), however being on that bus gives you a new found respect and admiration for the city. There’s certain things you can only experience by being on top of the bus than on the ground itself and the descriptive (and informative) narration on the bus fits perfectly.

Image:  Genevieve, Brenda & Tremaine

You tend to forget that this once was and is indeed a city that the world needs to take note off, not only filled with history, but its beauty is so unique; from the intricacy of the buildings to seeing the natural landscape of the suburbs.

Image:  Genevieve, Brenda & Tremaine

Our final stop was at the Apartheid Museum, something that’s always been on our bucket list but never had the opportunity to visit. Wow! The emotions are strong in this building, we were intrigued by the facts and originality in the presentations. As South Africans, we all know about Apartheid, but seeing the faces, the pictures, the stories is definitely life changing.

Image:  Genevieve, Brenda & Tremaine

And as we close in on what can only be described as a despairing week in South Africa, more people should take time and hop on a Red Bus and experience the city that we’ve built and grown to love and see there’s more than what meets the eye, hopefully this will encourage peace and acceptance amongst all.

Image:  Genevieve, Brenda & Tremaine

Definitely a birthday to remember and we hope to use the Red Bus again soon, perhaps to another location with more loved ones.

#ProudlySA #CityofGold

Kind regards,

Genevieve, Brenda & Tremaine