Meet our Mandela Day heroes

03 August 2018

For Nelson Mandela International Day (Mandela Day) on 18 July, City Sightseeing decided to run an innovative giveaway that allowed others to pay it forward in true “Madiba style”.

There were 67 sets of one-day double tickets up for grabs, and we invited people to nominate someone they felt deserved an amazing day out. Nominations were open for that special friend who needed a break, the family down the road that had not been on holiday in years, or even Granny who would love a trip around the city with her friends.

We received a total of 172 entries, filled with amazing stories of local, everyday heroes. The winners were contacted earlier this week via email, with their double tickets enclosed.

Meet a few of our Mandela Day heroes:

  • Aziza Nolan, nominated by Candice Klue

“Aziza Nolan is the founder and house mother of Peace Home for abused children in Sunningdale. She is also also a sex and trafficking activist. She is so selfless and is passionate about the wellbeing of the community. She has 12 kids at the home, but also gives of her time to Huis Ria for the aged in Milnerton, caring the homeless, she does clothing drives for SALT at View Church, [and] arranges and hosts Christmas and Easter events for the kids of Wolverivier.

“Aziza always puts everyone first and I'd love for her to have time out to recharge and get some fresh air. She met the late Madiba when she was living and working in England as a child psychologist. He gave a speech at Trafalgar Square and said to her that the kids from Africa need her, and she returned shortly thereafter to open Peace Home. Please consider her for some time out.”

  • Candice Sheppard, nominated by Michelle Sheppard

“She is the most spectacular human being that deserves the world. She has taken care of me and my sister and made sure that even when she had nothing, that she could provide for us. She works extremely hard and deserves a day off from her life enjoying the sights. She is my role model and my hero, and she inspires so many young individuals to want to be like her.”

  • Ethan Grootboom, nominated by Dominique Grootboom

“My boy is 8 years old and he constantly asks us to take him on the red bus. When I tell him I don't have the money, he always says, ‘Mommy I will pay with my R20 that I got for my birthday.’”

  • Feroza Fakir, nominated by Qasim Fakir

“She is the best mum in the world. Always telling stories of the golden days of Joburg, and now hasn’t been to Joburg town for over 30 years!”

  • Priscilla Warren, nominated by Tracy Jacobs

“My dear little mother is turning 91 on 7 August. Still in excellent shape and bright as a button. She hasn’t done this red bus trip and she would love it!”

  • Mark Gavin, nominated by Luna Sylvester

“After his TRIPLE HEART BYPASS surgery he needs this sightseeing tour!”

  • Marlize Stander, nominated by Deirdré Gowet

“Marlize gives so much of herself to others, is always so professional and committed to everything she does, and her dedication to promoting tourism in our part of the world is an example to me personally. And I just learned she hasn't been on the bus! She really deserves a spoil.”

To all our winners, thank you so much for the hard work you do within your families and communities. We hope you have an amazing day out on the red bus!