Joey the red bus meets her 'grandparents' at James Hall Museum of Transport

12 October 2015 | Carina van Wyk

Joey the red bus recently met her "grandparents" at the James Hall Museum of Transport, stop 3 on the Joburg City Sightseeing route. And she had so much fun!

Besides meeting Joburg's oldest bus and a red bus all the way from London in England, she also came across antique cars, bicycles that are more than 100 years old and fire engines that were used to put out fires in the 1930s.

Take a look at all the exciting things Joey saw at the museum and ask your parents if you can hop off there the next time you're on Joburg's red bus:

The oldest bus in Joburg

An old red bus all the way from London, England

Kgaogelo Maganyela behind the steering wheel of the London bus

Old Johannesburg trams were vehicles that ran on tracks on public roads in the city. The one on the right was drawn by two horses and used from 1891 to 1906, more than 100 years ago

How cute! According to the National Motor Museum in the United Kingdom, this is one of only six orange-shaped cars that the company Outspan used for advertising purposes in the UK, France, Germany and South Africa in the early 1970s, more than 40 years ago

A group of children taking a look at old Joburg fire engines

A fire engine and an ambulance that are about 80 years old

Before the days of sirens, emergency vehicles such as this fire engine had a bell that was rung loudly to warn motorists to give way

Rows and rows of vintage cars

These carriages used to be drawn by horses

Remember that children under five years can hop on and off our buses for free, and you save when buying your tickets online.