Joburg stop of the month: SAB World of Beer

UPDATE : SAB WORLD OF BEER is now closed to the public

03 November 2015 | Stuart Dickinson

"Hops on, hops off" at the SAB World of Beer

Did you know that a drinking scene carved on a 6 000-year-old Mesopotamian clay tablet is the earliest known evidence of beer? Or that South Africa’s first clear beer was brewed in Cape Town in 1658?

The SAB World of Beer, situated at stop 14 in Newtown, will give you fascinating insight into the origins of beer, how it spread across the world, and how it has played a part in shaping local culture in modern-day South Africa.

The journey starts with a greeting from brewing legend Charles Glass, founder of South African Breweries (SAB), before you enter the tomb of Hathor’s Hall, where you’ll learn about the first beers of the world.

Take a jaunt through Africa and Europe before entering the Green Fields, where you’ll discover the ingredients that make up the building blocks of beer. We dare you to taste a raw hop pellet …

Then it’s time to find out how beer arrived on the shores of the Cape – the main stopover on the trade route between Europe and the East Indies – and how beer followed the pull of the gold rush to the dusty streets of Johannesburg in 1886.

By now you’re bound to be a bit thirsty. Never fear, you can put your feet up in the Tap Room, sample the different SAB beers, and take in the views of Newtown below.

Visit the SAB World of Beer and discover why it was twice named the number one tourist attraction in South Africa.

The World of Beer is open seven days a week, except on Christmas Day. Click here for booking and details.

Entering Hathor's Hall

Taste traditional umqombothi beer

The Green Fields

See authentic brewing equipment and learn about the brewing process

Relax in the Tap Room after the tour with your favourite SAB beer