Joburg stop of the month: BODY WORLDS Vital

11 March 2016

This photo of a woman who died while pregnant was taken at a previous BODY WORLDS exhibition. Image: sgt fun

The dissection and plastination of an entire body takes about 1 500 working hours, and normally takes about a year to complete.

Plastination ensures that you can see every last detail of an organ, muscle tissue and even nerves.

You have until 19 June to experience this mind-boggling exhibition. Why not make a day of it? Hop on the red bus (check out our timetable first), hop off at Sci-Bono and hop on the bus again to explore the rest of Joburg.

Watch a video of the exhibition and click here for more info.

  • Although it's a captivating experience, BODY WORLDS Vital warns that the exhibition contains human organs, body parts and full-body plastinates with eyes and genitals, and that visitors should exercise their discretion when deciding whether the exhibition is right for them and the children in their care. As a guideline, it would be of interest to children who are eight or older.