Get Spooky at one of these HALLOWEEN events in JOBURG

So, trick or treating might not be your thing. The kids will love it - but for you, the 31st is a school night. Here are some cool things you can do on the weekend to celebrate All-Hallows-Eve.

Photo: CT Tourism

If you’re into ink or alternative, you can permanently commemorate this celebration by visiting the Pins And Needles Halloween Market at Ting’s Tatoo. They will be hosting a daytime market featuring stallholders selling unique, alternative, and funky wares. There will also be games and competitions, a guest artist for walk-in appointments, and the resident artists will be dressed to the nines. Come check out something different while the sun still shines.

●     Location: Ting’s Tattoo Studio

●     Date: 2 November

If you don’t want to leave the kids at home, get active after dark and try out one of these cool Halloween-themed night runs (and help run-off all the candy you scoffed).

At the TrailAdventure Halloween Night Run, you can choose either the 5- or 10-kilometre race, dress-up as spooky as you want, and bring the whole family along. The race starts at 19:00 so it won’t be too late for your little ones.

●     Location: Houghton Golf Club

●     Date: 31 October

If you want to go a bit off-road, try out the Superzest Halloween Night Trail Run

Where you can choose the 5- or 8.5-kilometre trail. So enter, dress-up, pitch-up and run...for your lives!

●     Location: PwC Bike Park

●     Date: 31 October

Photo: Halloween Trail Run

Worked-up a good appetite? Or feeling guilty because you didn’t run-off your candy-belly? The very trendy and diet-friendly Kaylee’s Eatery, you can expect some Spooktacular Fine Dining at this plant-based eatery. Grab your ticket for an unbelievable 6-course vegan meal and a themed jam jar cocktail at this unique, themed culinary adventure.

●     Location: Kaylee's Eatery

●     Date: 31 October

Don’t be fooled though. Not all Halloween fun is just for the kids. If you don’t have ankle-biters, have obliging parents-in-law, or can grab a babysitter, go out and enjoy the witching hour on the town.

Creative craziness and great live music can be found at the Railway Cafe’s Candy Cane Island. The outdoor rustic vibes are the perfect setting to listen to some of SA’s top artists and have a couple of toots. The line-up includes The Black Cat Bones, Bad Peter, The Kiffness and Bombshelter Beast. But remember, strictly no under 18s are allowed in.

●     Location: Railways Cafe

●     Date: 1 November

Photo: Candy Can Island

Loving live music? Why not spend Halloween with Die Heuwels Fantasties at Platteland. Another gig offering dress-up and cash-prizes, jam the night away with this Afrikaans electronic band from Bellville at the ever-so-coincidentally named Witch-Hazel Avenue… Spooky!

●     Location: Platteland

●     Date: 1 November

Picking up the evening’s pace, a full round-trip party will be happening at The Social Club Halloween Party. Ticket holders will meet at Monte Casino and whisked away in a convoy of Uber Vans to a mysterious and undisclosed location.

If you’re dressed up for the occasion you will receive a complimentary shooter on arrival and your ticket includes a scrumptious beef, chicken or veggie burger. Offering some cash spot-prizes, drinks specials and a line-up of awesome DJs - this party is well worth the adventure.

●     Location: Winstons Pub

●     Date: 2 November

A bit of a different way to support Halloween is in celebration of the dead. In Mexican culture, death is just the next phase of the human life cycle, and Halloween is meant to be the day in the year when the veil between the living and the dead is ‘thinnest’. This allows them to celebrate with their loved ones with music and dance.

In Mexican culture, death is viewed as a natural part of the human cycle. Mexicans view it not as a day of sadness but as a day of celebration because their loved ones awake and celebrate with them. This year Chicago’s Piano Bar is hosting a whole line-up of eery events with the Day of the Dead Tequila Party happening on the 2nd of November.

Photo:  Day of the Dead Tequila Party

There will be a set dinner menu, face painting, competitions, live bands, a deep house stage, and of course plenty of tequila on special! Visit this 1920's Gatsby themed party playground for their

●     Location: Chicago’s Piano Bar

●     Date: 2 November

Photo: CT Tourism

If you’re brave enough to party late into the witching-hour then H4lloween the Party may be just what you’re looking for. The killer line-up is not the only highlight though. Dress up and enjoy the live entertainment for a good cause because 25% of each ticket will be donated to an NGO member in the Shukumisa Coalition against sexual violence.

●     Location: The Tennis Club

●     Date: 1 November

Don’t use the excuse that Halloween is just for kids. You can get involved too. Food, parties, tattoos or exercise - you choose!