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Take a trip down Long Street and visit these top tourist attractions

  • 24 January 2017

So, you've hopped on a Cape Town red bus and arrived at stop 5 on your tour. It's the City Sightseeing ticket office – 81 Long Street.

You're now in the centre of the city and surrounded by plenty of things to see and do!

That's us! (Image: City Sightseeing)

Where to stay

Walk out the ticket office and turn right. Across the road you'll find The Grand Daddy Hotel, which not only offers luxury rooms, but also seven airstream trailers parked on the roof. Each of them has a distinctive design inside, and all offer a quirky and special way to spend a night in the heart of the city.

There are also several backpacking accommodation options available along Long Street, some of them doubling as popular drinking spots for locals and visitors.

One of seven rooftop trailers at The Grand Daddy Hotel. (Image: S Buchanan)

Where to shop

Long Street is two different worlds. At night, it's party central. During the day, it's one of the most hip and happening places to shop for clothes, souvenirs and other gifts.

Just a few shops down from the City Sightseeing ticket office, to your right, you'll find Brand Collective. Check out their collection of fashionwear for men and women, from both local and international designers.

For craft, African attire, beads, dresses, curios and other knick-knacks, Long Street has got you covered! Start by turning left as you leave our ticket office, and left again, and enter the cobbled streets of Greenmarket Square. There you'll find a marketplace offering every trinket you could imagine. In addition, there are little curio shops scattered all along Long Street, too.

Head up the road and check out The African Music Store, an institution on Long Street. They have a wide variety of musicians from the continent, and you can hang out inside and listen to any record you like before you buy it. It's well worth a visit.

Just a glipse of the extensive record collection in The African Music Store. (Image: S Buchanan)

Where to eat

When it comes to food, the options on Long Street are endless. From pub grub, to cheesy takeaway snacks, to Mexican, Chinese, Indian, East African and, of course, South African, you won't be going hungry anytime soon!

If burgers are your thing, then make the pilgrimage up Long Street to Royale Eatery, undoubtedly one of the best burger joints in Cape Town – and this goes for their vegetarian menu, too. For some local flavour, tourists love Mama Africa and the lively vibe they serve up alongside their food. If you prefer your meal to be more interactive, check out Korean-fusion restaurant Galbi, where you get to barbeque your own meat at your table.

Royale Eatery and its famous sweet potato fries. (Image: Wade de Villiers)

Where to drink

If this is what you are looking for on Long Street, you are spoilt for choice. In fact, you don't even have to leave our ticket office – Kamili, the coffee shop, serves excellent beer and wine as well.

But venture further and check out some of the Mother City's best drinking spots – Tiger's Milk, Tjing Tjing (on Longmarket Street), Bob's Bar, Beerhouse (with 99 different bottles to try), Café Mojito, Sgt Pepper and Long Street Café are among Cape Town's favourites.

Beerhouse literally has 99 bottles of beer on the wall. (Image: Beerhouse)

Where to dance

Depending on the kind of music that gets you moving, Long Street has a variety of clubs worth investigating. You'll hear different genres depending on the night of the week, so plan accordingly. Fiction, The Waiting Room, Chez Ntemba and Carnival Court all have enough space for you to let your hair down and dance.

Friday night at The Waiting Room. (Image: The Waiting Room)

Well, there you go! Long Street has a lot to offer, whatever the time of day or night – but remember to keep safe. City Sightseeing's ticket office at 81 Long Street is open every day of the year from 9am to 5pm. See you there.